Photo of the Day – Week 46

The secret to avoiding scorpions in the desert, and…

… friends, family, and some heavenly-blessed solo time.

November 12:

I’m a little heartbroken that I’ve been coming to Tucson for over ten years and have never been to this amazing spot just down the road from my family’s house.   This book is far better than its cover – like eating in a solarium!

November 13:

If you don’t want desert scorpions snuggling down in your shoes, prop them up (or take them off the floor altogether).

November 14:

Does anyone else with kids in their life end up reading the same bedtime story over and over and over, because you’re too lazy/exhausted at story time to get a new one out?

November 15:

When it’s a beautiful night, you tell your dad to duck out of work early enough for a sunset bike ride in the countryside.

November 16:

I cheated.   I was so distracted moving into my little AirBnb rental, I failed to snap a photo of the hostesses cute little living room.

November 17:

Sunset sky!    

November 18:

It kind of blew my mind to look up from the spots inside my kombucha mug to spots on the wall.   Clearly this AirBnb hostess is a Jackson Pollock kind of gal.

Photo Location(s):

Tucson, Arizona – USA
Marsh Station Road, Arizona – USA

Happy Travels!

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