Photo of the Day – Week 47

Here’s what happens when you lose enthusiasm for a 52 week goal in the 47th week…

Getting a photo-a-day was pretty easy when children were involved.   Thanksgiving week, when babysitters and schools were closed, I had many required opportunities to spend time with my nephews.   As any parent will tell you, kids are awesome in a ubiquitous and pervasive way.   Although having to feed, clothe, and care for them can feel like soul-sucking drudgery, most people experience the proximity to someone who is relishing in life’s small things (i.e. basically all children) as a big quality-of-life boost that makes up for all the awful bits.

When children were not involved, I either remembered to take a photo last minute or failed altogether.   I guess my life is so crammed right now, I kind of resent the self-inflicted requirement to stop and smell the roses.   I am too busy doing life to enjoy life.   So it goes, I suppose, when you agree to enter the orbits of nine-to-fivers because you love them and they have too much on their plates.

November 19:

Babysitting day!   It’s so great that the 11 year-old is still happy to play games of imagination with the 3 year old.

November 20:

While I do love my nephews, spending all day ignoring the rest of my lives ultimately leads to a very boring day-after where I struggle to get my head above water, hopefully at “home,” alone.   Being overwhelmed and remember to capture a photo of a the day tend to be mutually exclusive in my world.

November 21:

My good friend who was here last week (I’m still planning on writing about our travels.   Hopefully.   Someday soon.) brought a gift.   This tea is incredible!    

November 22:

Wednesday before Thanksgiving = a morning at the International Wildlife Museum (basically a dead zoo with animals from all over the world) and the train station.   After nap time, bike riding to the park!

November 23:

My little goal tracker (nerd alert!) says I took a photo on Thanksgiving.   My camera says, “No you didn’t.”   I think that morning I confidently marked off the photo goal, thinking, “It’s Thanksgiving!   How can there not be photos?!”   Or perhaps, “I’m going to be sure to get everyone together for a family photo.”   And then came the reality of being an introverted health-aficionado who is a black sheep.   A house full of people and unhealthy food?   ACK.

November 24:

I didn’t originally plan to take my little nephew with me on my training hike for an upcoming adventure.   But when my pre-teen nephew told me he’s jealous of kids who get to spend one-on-one time with their parents and he wishes he and his mom got to do that… I started searching for a way to 1) babysit the little, 2) on my sister’s days off, 3) without giving up any of my very precious and scarce solo time.   I carried dude most the way in a baby/toddler hiking pack.   He is not light.   We started later than I wanted, so he was cranky for the last half (the naptime half) of the hike.   When he got to walk, he wanted to stop and smell the roses of course.   I wanted to get back to the car ASAP and get him fed and to bed.   Success rating: 6 of 10.   Next time: more snacks, earlier start, long pants for him, more patience for me, more planned stop time.

November 25:

Biting off more than I can chew is a personality deficit of mine.   Can I read 1,200+ pages in a month?   While spending 20+ hours a week caring for family?   And working?   And training?   And wrapping up this stretch of life in the desert?   Fingers crossed!

Photo Location(s):

Tucson, Arizona – USA
Ruiz, Hope Camp, Coyote Wash Trails: Arizona – USA

Happy Travels!

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