Photo of the Day – Week 49

Taking my nephews running through park sprinklers and running to look at evening Christmas lights… all in the same week?    

Went on a road-trip the last half of these seven days!   My last fast-travel of the year, I think.   Unless flying to Connecticut and driving to New Hampshire count?

Photo-a-day was less annoying this week than last (when I was lamenting ever making this New Year’s resolution despite generally adoring it all year long).

December 3:

I couldn’t believe I was lying on the grass in the warm sun reading a book while my nephews ran through the sprinklers… on December 3rd in the northern hemisphere.   Wow, Arizona.

December 4:

When you’re babysitting all night, didn’t fit your run in earlier, and were going to take the kids to look at Christmas lights anyway… you go on a “Christmas Running Adventure!!!!”

December 5:

Happy B-day to my grams!   The Gaslight Theater in Tucson, AZ does great shows and has been an iconic locals-and-tourists attraction long enough to have lots of hokey photo ops.

December 6:

Worked all day “from home,” including listing these oak chairs for sale on FB as a favor to the homeowners.

December 7:

Went to visit my paternal grandparents by way of their favorite hangout.   They gave me a little tour of their favorite amenities.

December 8:

The neighbors’ cactus was still fruiting.   Not a dragon fruit, but a peruvian apple.   Not even the same family, but the insides were pretty similar!

December 9:

Birdwatching with my former college roomie – second time since I’ve been in the Southwest.   I love this dude.   He never does anything halfway.   When he picks a hobby, it’s on!

Photo Location(s):

Tucson, Arizona – USA
Ak Chin, Arizona – USA
Apache Junction, Arizona – USA
Phoenix, Arizona – USA

Happy Travels!

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