Photo of the Day – Week 50

Ending 2017 with 3 days outside in the same week?!

Road trip, train trip, work, reading, and family.   And a new-to-me camera (cleverly disguised as an iPhone 6).   The photos will be so nice… once I finally get around to protecting the broken screen and can use it.   Happy, happy!

December 10:

Brutally windy day, but also brutally beautiful hike with my awesome former college housemate (who is the best).

December 11:

It’s been so great to work from this 40’s dude-ranch stone house throughout the fall.

December 12:

A new to me camera!!!   The old iPhone 4 hand-me-down I’ve been using to take photos for my 2017 photo-a-day challenge is adequate.   And better than the point-and-shoot I had.   But I do get a little sad when someone lets me take a picture with their phone and I see how much better the quality could be.   Now just to get a phone case that protects the exposed camera (that square at the upper right)…

December 13:

Determined to make it through another thousand pages before Christmas.   Will she do it?!   #delusional.

December 14:

When it dawned on me that my train-loving nephew lived in a town with a passenger train, I got crazy excited.   He loved our train trip!

December 15:

This hike was brutal.   Like climbing 450 flights of stairs.   And going back down them.   On a cliff-edge for seven hours.   Should not have done alone.   Very stupid.   Epic views.

December 16:

Got to spend a day with my mama, including checking out a cool dining and entertainment spot in Tucson.   At the cornhole sets: “Unattended children’s parents will be judged.” Ha!

Photo Location(s):

Phoenix, Arizona – USA
Tucson, Arizona – USA
Benson, Arizona – USA

Happy Travels!

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