Photo of the Day – Week 51

What did I capture on my penultimate photo-of-the-day week?   Packing surprise, and…

A work escape + family adventures.

December 17:

Not sure how long it takes barrel cacti to grow (far right of parking island), but I was duly impressed that they got it to stick so randomly.   (Neighborhood of my sanity-AirBnb getaway.)

December 18:

Some friends of mine lament that their coffee beans get stored in a pretty mediocre place on account of having such a small kitchen.   I laughed when I realized in my small AirBnb kitchen I had also unthinkingly put the coffee gear above the (warm, bean oxidizing catalyst) stove.

December 19:

Four days grinding away in this little studio apartment = <3 <3 <3

December 20:

Way overdue a haircut.   Alexis is a magician.

December 21:

Great day out exploring the Cochise Stronghold with my dad.   Stunning!

December 22:

When I finished eliminating the “Arizona clothes” from my wardrobe, I had to laugh.   It is completely unintentional and kind of hilarious that every piece of clothing I own that I actually like is either blue or black. #iswearimnotdepressed

December 23:

Fun to arrive to Saturday’s pre-Christmas/faux-Christmas gathering and find it warm enough for the kids to be playing cul-de-sac basketball in their t-shirts.   Not bad, Arizona.

Marana, Arizona – USA
Tucson, Arizona – USA
Cochise Stronghold, Arizona – USA

Happy Travels!

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