Blessing in the Chaos

It’s National Poetry month. If this is the only section of Half the Clothes you visit, you probably think I dropped off the face of the earth.

Au contraire.

I’ve just been spending huge swaths of my time working on the Ticket 2 Blog Podcast.   And doing my work exchange hours.   And guesting on podcasts like this one.   And writing articles like:

I’ve been getting a poem in my inbox every day.   I’m not much for poetry.   But this one struck a chord.   I tried to find it in photo form somewhere on the internet, but it doesn’t yet exist.   So I made it:

Poem Blessing in the Chaos by Jan Richardson on a background of starry skies above a mountain range

Jan Richardson is a real, living person.   And she did lots more than just write Blessing in the Chaos.   If you like her work, you’d probably like some of the many other things she’s done.

Someday when I’m not running an SEO Challenge for a whole bunch of content creators (and trying to start a website for people who want to hack their housing by living vanlife), I plan to finish the pending posts about:

  • My complete and abject failure at tackling 30-Day Challenges like I thought I would this year.
  • How I really, desperately want everyone to STOP spending their airline miles on magazines.   Please, God, no!

I also want to get my life-hacks section of this site up and running.   So many exciting things to do, so little time!

Happy Adventuring!

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