About Me – II

Woman in yellow and green fleece pointing to a flower with dark evening sky in background

One of her many hidden talents: finding extremely rare flowers in remote places at sunset.

The Half the Clothes author is a life enthusiast  who was born on a Friday.  And over-uses  hyphens.

She likes her butter by the tablespoon and cringes over  blogging’s fundamental  narcissism.  It’s possible she’s the most fearless, outgoing introvert you’ll ever meet.  Goal-setting is her favorite activity.  And she’s a crazy hippie.

She joined the blog-o-sphere  back when people kept in touch via email.  Blogging seemed easier than maintaining a listserv to keep friends and family up-to-date.  Now that she’s expanded into more types of content, she’s happy that strangers find some of her material helpful.

She strives not to become the type of online author who commercializes their audience for personal gain.  She once got so sick of that kind of thing, she quit the internet.

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