Why “Normal” Travel Sucks

slow travel blog talks about slow travel experience being best and cheapest


Okay, okay…

“Normal” travel does not unequivocally  suck.   Of course  not!   When you’ve been sitting at your desk for seven months straight with only weekends off, or when you’ve been sitting through lectures five days a week and staring at textbooks for 52 weekends, then rushing around Hawaii or France for an entire week is dabomb.com.   The BEST.   Amazing.   Time of your freaking  life!!!!

You’ll return home and gush for weeks about the stunning volcanoes, hikes, and beaches, or the fantastic little cafes, the Eiffel tower, and finally seeing the Louvre.

You will also come back completely exhausted and spend weeks “catching up.”   Remember that part?

benefits of slow travel experience: not being exhausted at your desk for weeks afterward like this guy!

“While I still can’t quite remember my name, I don’t regret seeing 17 cities in 14 days. By the time I save up enough money to do it again, I’ll be recovered for sure!”  photo: John Lambert Pearson

So guess what happens when you try to take the ten-day or two-week travel style and use it to travel around the world?

It sucks.

You can only sustain the ultra-familiar travel style for the length of time that is also ultra-familiar.   Beyond that, it’s easy to become perma-exhausted.

This is great news!


The travel style 1slow travel!! that doesn’t lead to perma-exhaustion after a few days/weeks is also waaaaaaaaay cheaper.


Reason #2 “Normal” Travel Sucks:

It’s boring.

That’s right.   Boring.

Variety is the spice of life.   If you’ve been staring at spreadsheets for six months, even going to a dentist appointment when you’d normally be at work is kind of fun.   However, if you went to a dentist appointment every week, it would become just another boring part of your routine.

So guess what happens when you spend every day waking up in a hotel room, figuring out breakfast, seeing a museum or waterfall, figuring out lunch and dinner, and finding the next place to sleep?  It gets boring.

slow travel blog advocates the slow travel experience by using four ice cream cones - three alike - to show the attractiveness of variety visually

It’s ironic – traveling slowly and creatively actually allows you to experience more  variety and keeps your life spicier!

This is great news!


The travel style 2slow travel again for the win! that doesn’t lead to boredom after just a few weeks is also waaaaaaaaay cheaper.

How much cheaper?

Thousands and thousands of dollars cheaper.

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Happy Traveling!  â™£


1 slow travel!!
2 slow travel again for the win!

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