Why I’m Quitting the Internet… Again

I do a lot of soapboxing about how critical it is to maximize control over your time and attention.

I talk about it all the time on my podcast.

I write articles about it.

I speak to groups of people about it.

My friends can attest to my inability to shut up about it.

But they don’t mind, because they are all people who care just as much as I do about the huge disconnect between the way we say we want to live and how we actually end up spending our time.

So the short version of why I want to leave the internet is that I want to wrest back control of my attention and time from email, facebook, and the never-ending hamster wheel of work.  I talked the talk in episode 9.  Now it’s time to walk the walk.

But this isn’t my first I’m-quitting-the-internet rodeo.

People Who Have Quit the Internet

Is it possible to quit the internet?  Of course.  I’ve done it before.  Aziz Ansari (who was already famous) is now also famous for having quit the internet.  Paul Miller got internet-famous when he quit the internet for a yearaPlease tell me the irony is making your soul shudder just a little bit.

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a. Please tell me the irony is making your soul shudder just a little bit.

Blessing in the Chaos

It’s National Poetry month. If this is the only section of Half the Clothes you visit, you probably think I dropped off the face of the earth.

Au contraire.

I’ve just been spending huge swaths of my time working on the Ticket 2 Blog Podcast.  And doing my work exchange hours.  And guesting on podcasts like this one.  And writing articles like:

I’ve been getting a poem in my inbox every day.  I’m not much for poetry.  But this one struck a chord.  I tried to find it in photo form somewhere on the internet, but it doesn’t yet exist.  So I made it:

Poem Blessing in the Chaos by Jan Richardson on a background of starry skies above a mountain range

Jan Richardson is a real, living person.  And she did lots more than just write Blessing in the Chaos.  If you like her work, you’d probably like some of the many other things she’s done.

2017: Some Things I Never Told You

I’ve spent more of these December days thinking about 2018 and looking forward than thinking about and looking back on 2017.  However, a reflection seems appropriate before excitedly charging into a fresh batch of days.

Unexpected Lesson from a Border Canyon

My former college roommate is about the most motivated, driven, action-taking person I know.  He sets a goal, puts his mind to it, and gets it done with an indestructible good attitude.

The Unexpected Thing That Happened in Honduras

At the end of September, I walked to the grocery store in the Honduran capital’s outskirts.  The next day I sat for a few hours in a port-city.  That week I put a few miles on my shoes on one of the country’s Bay Islands. However, most of what I know about Honduras I learned from a guidebook.


Because five days into a minimum five-week visit to Honduras, the unexpected happened.

Did You Know…

September through November is hurricane season in Caribbean.

Even before my trip, tropical storms had been brutalizing the eastern seaboard and Caribbean islands.  Due to past experience, I know the havoc storms can wreak on a trip.  I dug deep into the policies Insure My Trip (an insurance search engine I always use for trips 3 months or less) proffered.  I read fine print, being sure I found every mention of the word “hurricane” or “storm.”

When is it too late to buy travel insurance? After a storm has already been named, for one!

Hurricanes. Awesome from space, not so great on the ground or sea. When a hurricane looks like this… it’s almost always too late to buy travel insurance.  photo: pixabay