The Unexpected Thing That Happened in Honduras

At the end of September, I walked to the grocery store in the Honduran capital’s outskirts.  The next day I sat for a few hours in a port-city.   That week I put a few miles on my shoes on one of the country’s Bay Islands. However, most of what I know about Honduras I learned from a guidebook.


Because five days into a minimum five-week visit to Honduras, the unexpected happened.

Did You Know…

September through November is hurricane season in Caribbean.

Even before my trip, tropical storms had been brutalizing the eastern seaboard and Caribbean islands.   Due to past experience, I know the havoc storms can wreak on a trip.   I dug deep into the policies Insure My Trip (an insurance search engine I always use for trips 3 months or less) proffered.   I read fine print, being sure I found every mention of the word “hurricane” or “storm.”

When is it too late to buy travel insurance? After a storm has already been named, for one!

Hurricanes. Awesome from space, not so great on the ground or sea. When a hurricane looks like this… it’s almost always too late to buy travel insurance.   photo: pixabay

What it’s Like to Do the $15 Challenge

It’s been almost two months since I decided to finally get a handle on my out-of-control spending.

Honestly, I was really surprised to find myself spending to zero each month.   As a life-long saver, I’m not talking full-zero.   I have retirement savings.   I have investments.   But the account I use for things like buying groceries, gas, phone service, restaurant meals, clothes, health-related items, supplies, gifts, insurance…. zero.   Even in the red at the end of the month.   While I could always pay my credit card bill (I use credit cards to get free flights) by the due date, I realized there were moments in my life that money in the bank was less than money owed.   That’s bad.   Super bad.

Add New Amazon Store ID?

Why do I want to add a new Amazon store ID?   I just created a new website, and I want to track Amazon sales for that site separately from this site.   In the link-creator, there are two drop downs – store ID and tracking ID.   I successfully figured out how to add a tracking ID.

But when I googled “Add New Store ID Amazon” and its variations, I got nothing.   Well, no helpful answer in the top ten of 89 billion results.    I am a good googler.   So why can’t I figure out how to add a new Amazon store ID?   If you’re Amazon Associate savvy, jump ahead  for the answer.

(Hey real quick: this post is really just a gift to the internet.   My apologies to regular Half the Clothes readers who might be super confused right now.)

Why I Drink Kombucha – 3 Reasons

3 Reasons to Drink Kombucha

Mmmm… prickly pear ginger kombucha just begging to be poured into a glass of ice!

Over the past thirty years, kombucha has slowly crept into mainstream awareness in America.   I remember visiting my grandparents as a kid and thinking they were so weird because they made tea from a big, white, slimy “mushroom” they kept in a casserole dish in the fridge.